Toner Prices

Due to the higher capacity and longer life of toner cartridges, simple refilling is not generally an acceptable option for reuse.  Toner cartridges need to be remanufactured (have wearing parts replaced as well as being refilled with toner) to obtain acceptable quality and life during reuse.  Unfortunately, the large and ever increasing number of different toner cartridges and toners being used makes it impractical for us to maintain the inventory of spare parts and quality toners required to properly remanufacturer your toner cartridges ourselves.  Therefore, we have associated ourselves with a high-quality remanufacturer through whom we recycle the empty toner cartridges we receive and who supplies us with the quality remanufactured cartridges we supply to our customers.  Our associated remanufacturer has ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality control procedures in force and fully guarantees the product supplied to us.  Please contact us for prices and delivery – which, if we do not have your model in stock, is normally 3 to 5 business days unless expedited.